MA in Holistic Health Studies Courses

MA in Holistic Health

Master of Arts in Holistic Health Studies (36 credit hours)

Foundational Core (27 credit hours)

  • HH500 Anatomy and Physiology: A Holistic Approach
  • HH501 Foundations of Holistic Health
  • HH520 Energy Medicine
  • HH502 Advanced Healing Medicine
  • HH515 Holistic Stress Management
  • HH530 Research Methods
  • HH525 Holistic Perspectives: Counseling Techniques
  • HH555 Holistic Sprituality
  • HH599 Project on Holistic Health

Electives (9 credit hours; each course is 3 credit hours)

  • HH535 Eastern Approach to Nutrition
  • HH540 Humor and Healing
  • HH570 Special Topics in Holistic Health: Foundations of Healing Plants, Energy Medicine Applications, Kundalini Yoga, Integrative Holistic Breathing, Women’s Health
  • HH580 Health and Environment


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